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Nudist UK offers an abundance of quality information and advice about nudism in the UK and beyond.Nudist jumping Whether you are are a full-time naturist, or simply ‘Nude Curious’ you will find a whole host of subjects relating to the subject of naturism, and many of your questions answered, such as:- Where is my nearest naturist club?  How do I go about becoming a member? What are the rules if any, of a clothes-free life-style?   Where is the nearest decent nudist beach in the UK?  Is there any naturist accommodation such as a nudist guest house where I can enjoy a clothes free weekend or short break? How do I meet like-minded people for friendship or more? Where can I go for for a nudist holiday abroad? Or maybe just for a nudist swim at a local swimming pool

Perhaps you just need general advice about nudism…

Whatever you want, you’ll find it here on Nudist UK!

We want you to be part of this site, so if you have anything that you want to share with the rest of the nudist community, now’s your chance. Let us know about your experiences. Perhaps you have questions that need answering. Either use the comment form at the foot of the page or email us at

Also, if you are the owner or proprietor of a nudist-related business such as a naturist club, or naturist massage and just want to promote your enterprise, then this is the place to do it. Just email us.

Apart from the huge amount of naturist clubs already featured here on Nudist UK, you can find more by clicking the ‘Nudist Services’ button above.

Nudist UK Features...

Here on Nudist UK you’ll find a variety of topics all relating (sometimes loosely) to naturist life, ranging from what to wear at a nudist club, to which naturist club to visit, to how to overcome your initial fears on becoming a nudist for the first time and much more. In fact if you if you go to our ‘FAQ’s‘ page you’ll find some common questions and answers, whilst on the ‘what is Naturism‘ page, you’ll find a short video of nudists asking the question:- ‘what exactly is naturism?’ 

Just below here are the Nudist Stories pages which we hope you enjoy. These are all about peoples first time taking off their clothes in a public situation. We hope that you will share your experiences as a first-time naturist with us as well.

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We are continuously compiling in-depth details of nudist clubs and locations in the UK, and giving full directions and useful information regarding the facilities, events and attractions. 

Would you like to help? If you would like to recommend a particular location to fellow naturists, just send the details to

Add photos if you wish but they must be your own original ones.

What would you like to know about being a nudist?

More stories about about people’s first time stripping off in public

A guide on how to enter the world of nudism

Finding love as a naturist

The Oldest Naturist Club in the UK

Fancy doing something different?

Everything you need to know

Fashion? When Naked? You’ll be surprised!

Calling All Naturist Clubs or Sites!

If you are the proprietor or one of the committee of a naturist club or site, tell us about any events or attractions that are taking place. 

There is No Charge!

We want to promote your naturist site, in fact we want to help promote all naturist activity in the UK and beyond!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let us know what’s going on, and we’ll tell the rest of the world! Email us now –

Also,if you have any ideas or suggestions that could benefit other naturists or readers of Nudist UK, we want to hear them. Just email:-

Enjoy this site and be part of it…!

The most relaxing & sensuous feeling you’ll ever get!

It can be hard work being a naturist who is male!

The freedom is total, naked in the great outdoors!

How would you like to live the naked lifestyle when you retire? 

We also want your contributions…we want details of the first time that you plucked up the courage to bare all!  Where was it, how did you feel? Who did you tell, and what was their reaction? Take a look at Nudist stories and perhaps that will encourage you to write to us with Your Story! We are not looking for salacious made-up tales about some fantasy encounter on a nudist beach, we want your genuine stories about your naturist experiences.

Don’t forget, your own story could help other readers, who are maybe thinking about becoming a naturist, but still have reservations or fears.

It can be a short or long story and it will permanently appear on this site.

Just email it to info@NudistUK.

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Hi I would love to explore nudist but don’t have a clue how to start none of my friends are interested

David Toomey
David Toomey

I would try the British Naturist Federation or find out where your local naturist club is. I belong to Eureka and am a proud member.


Well do you feel comfortable being naked in front of people if you are not sure find a naturist venue near to you tuust me it will be a fabulous feeling

Grant Withers
Grant Withers

Hi there, we recently accidentally stumbled upon Vera Playa beach in Almeria and decided to give it a go and strip off which was our first time, now we want to find other beaches to do this but as I am in a wheelchair I need to find beaches with easy access to the beach, also close to a decent hotel so we can walk there as car hire is not an option.

Can anyone suggest any beaches?

Rick Sharpe
Rick Sharpe

Hi there. I would love to meet other nudists around Lincoln / Lincolnshire, to maybe join them on trips out or socials with like minded people. Up to now Ive only been able to enjoy the life in my own garden. I know there is a local nudist swim session, but Im non swimmer and not too comfortable in a pool.


hello… please let it be known that there is a small regular group who frequent the beach at Normans bay. Pevensea end there are steps… at the top of which only a short walk 2 groynes to the right/west.. here there is safe bathing and plenty of space. wind break advisable both for wind and curious textiles. Phillippe

stephen c
stephen c

Can anyone tel me where I cancer a genuine naturist massage in Wokingham berkshire


Hope it’s OK to mention that we have started a men’s naturist group in Oxford area, as the local ‘official’ club is unwelcoming to ‘single males’. This results in a lot of male nudists becoming very isolated. We arrange meets, visits to swims, beaches etc. as and when we can. Open to all males 18+ who are genuine naturists. If interested please come and join our group on Kik – oxfordmalenatuirsts