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Whether you are are a full-time naturist, or simply “Nude Curious” you will find a whole host of subjects relating to the subject of naturism, and many questions answered, such as:-“Where is my nearest naturist club?”  “How do I go about becoming a member?” ” What are the rules, if any, of a clothes-free life-style?”   “Where is the nearest decent nudist beach in the UK?”  “Is there any naturist accommodation such as a nudist guest house where I can enjoy a clothes free weekend or short break?” “How can I meet like-minded people for friendship or more?Where can I go for for a nudist holiday abroad?” Or maybe you are a first-timer needing advice about nudism Whatever you want, you’ll find it here at Nudist UK!

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Nudist UK is all about celebrating naturist fun, in the form of this online brochure.

You’ll find a variety of topics all relating (sometimes loosely) to naturist life, ranging from what to wear at a nudist club, to which naturist club to visit, to how to overcome your initial fears on becoming a nudist for the first time and much more. In fact if you if you go to our ‘FAQ’s‘ page you’ll find some common questions and answers, whilst on the ‘what is Naturism‘ page, you’ll find a short video of various nudists giving their opinion on ‘what is naturism’ in general.

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We also want your contributions…we want details of the first time that you plucked up the courage to bare all! Where was it, how did you feel? Who did you tell, and what was their reaction? Take a look at Nudist stories and perhaps that will encourage you to write to us with Your Story! We are not looking for salacious made-up tales about some fantasy encounter on a nudist beach, we want your genuine stories about your naturist experiences.

Don’t forget, your own story could help other readers, who are maybe thinking about becoming a naturist, but still have reservations or fears.

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Naturist Clubs in UK


Come to the oldest Naturist club in Great Britain, Fiveacres Country club…

Fiveacres Country Club at Bricket Wood
the lovely pool at Fiveacres Club
The sun-trap veranda at Fiveacres Naturist club
The sun-trap veranda at Fiveacres Naturist club
                We interview Pat Badham the owner of Fiveacres. Find out how it all started for Pat, what her views are, and much more
Owner of Fiveacres Naturist club
Pat Badham
    Read her interview here